Case Study # 1

Direct to Consumer: An energy company needed to improve its standing with its diverse and far flung customer base.

So we placed online video ads targeted at specific populations and used the latest predictive modeling technology to maximize online reach.

An energy company needed to convince its customers that it was committed to improving service and to planning for their future power needs. So, we took four offline custom modeled audience segments, each consisting of a unique batch of consumers with different perspectives on the energy issue, matched those segments to online identities, and ran customized direct-to-consumer online video ads to those specific individuals.

Then, to increase reach, we “remodeled” online the four custom audience segments beyond the original matched audiences.

The result? A massive increase in message recall with many customers repeating the power companies targeted message word for word to the market researcher conducting a post campaign survey.

Four Custom Video Online Video Ads

Case Study # 2

Direct to Voter: A SuperPAC wanted to turn out first time voters in a presidential primary.

So we created a hyper-targeted email and text messaging campaign that turned out tens of thousands of first time voters.

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