Case Study # 2

Direct to Voter: A SuperPAC wanted to turn out first time voters in a presidential primary.

So we created a hyper-targeted email and text messaging campaign that turned out tens of thousands of first time voters.

A Super PAC supporting the campaign of Donald Trump needed to identify and turn out to vote very low propensity voters in the 2016 South Carolina GOP primary. B2One took a universe of 122,000 modeled voters who were likely to be receptive to Mr. Trump’s message and who had never voted in a Republican Primary, and crafted seven direct-to-constituent email and text messages designed to convince these individuals to vote.

The result? Of the 122,000 modeled voters who received the emails and texts during the final twelve days of the race 25,063 or 20.5% percent actually voted. Among a control group of 20,000 voters who received none of the emails or texts, only 1,760, or 8.8% cast ballots. The targeted campaigns lifted turnout by 133% and resulted in 14,270 new votes. A post-campaign analysis conducted by the non-partisan Market Research Foundation found that an overwhelming number of these first-time primary voters voted for Mr. Trump just as the audience model predicted.

+133% Increase in turnout from Email & Text campaign

Case Study # 1

Direct to Consumer: An energy company needed to improve its standing with its diverse and far flung customer base.

So we placed online video ads targeted at specific populations and used the latest predictive modeling technology to maximize online reach.

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